IMANDAR has years of experience in maintaining and repairing Brokk demolition machines. Brokk machines are used extensively on site, mostly in extreme conditions and thus need to be maintained often to eliminate breakdowns and unwanted stoppages. With proper and consistent preventive maintenance, such predicament can be avoided.

IMANDAR’s maintenance team is experienced in repairing the complete range of Brokk machines including other parts that requires maintenance such as remote cables, hydraulic hammers and control boxes.

For every on-site maintenance service, our visitation offers the following:

  • Fully equipped tools to be used during maintenance
  • Qualified Brokk trained personnel
  • Hydraulic and electrical fault finding
  • Hydraulic cylinder testing and reconditioning
  • PLC re-programing
  • Remote control repairs andAtlas Copco hammer repairs
  • 24/7 Brokk maintenance and repair services.
  • Common spare parts for Brokk machines (which are mostly kept in-stock)

All the work that is done on the Brokk machines are documented on inspections, followed by job sheets (reports) which are issued to control manpower, spares and equipment. Spares are issued against job sheets and history is kept on all spares used on every machine, hammer, equipment box down to the bolt and nut.

Condition monitoring is also conducted to determine life-spans of the machines and such information will assist in determining replacement intervals to minimize unnecessary breakdowns during operations.

Our service offers provide the following :

  1. Service contract of complete package from repair to monitoring during shut-downs. We at IMANDAR tailor-make our service contract in order to suit the client’s requirement.
  2. Repair and service on-site within assured time.
  3. Genuine OEM (Brokk) spares parts. Spare parts packages with reasonable cost, to avoid unexpected breakdowns resulting to time loss.