Brokk 800S

  • larger than the other machines in the Brokk family
  • it has an unparalleled capacity that makes it perfect for really heavy and demanding demolition work
  • The power is equally impressing
  • offers almost twice the hitting power of the Brokk 400
  • On a safe distance from vibrations and falling debris – in perfect control

Technical Specifications
Weight 11050 kg (24361 lbs)
Width min 2.2 m (7.2 ft)
Height min 2.65 m (8.7 ft)
Motor output 45 kW
Recommended max weight attachment 1200 kg (2646 lbs)
Transport speed, max. 2.1 km/h (0.6 m/s, 1.3 mph)
System pressure incr. to attachment max. 25 MPa (3626 psi)
Hydraulic system capacity 165 litres (43.6 US gal)
Pump flow max. at 50Hz 140 l/min (37 US gal/min)
Pump flow max. at 60Hz 168 l/min (44.4 US gal/min)