The Dulevo 1300

  • Brushes automatically lift up whenever the sweeper is turned off. This avoid brushes deformation and increase brushes life (patented system).
  • Heavy duty steel chassis.
  • Water cooled engines to withstand hot climates and long working shifts.
  • Hopper garbage compacting system to increase hopper capacity.
  • Low maintenance, fully hydraulic function.
  • No electronics on board.
  • No belts turbine drive requires no maintenance.
  • Powerful filter shaker.
  • Easy access to filter for inspection and cleaning.

Technical Specifications
Model 1300 EH 1300DL
Sweeping path min. mm 900 900
Sweeping path max mm 1600 1600
Cleaning performance sqm/h 11200 11200
Waste hopper capacity Lt. 340 340
Filtering PM10 % 99 99
Fuel Battery 36V diesel