The Dulevo 6000

  • Design, innovative and robust constructions, effective solutions for all applications and the unique large waste hopper.
  • Up to date technology and top-quality components ensure the high quality demands of the market.
  • Operators comfort and ergonomics.
  • Standard equipment includes heated mirrors, air condition and a charging plug for mobile devises.
  • Fully hydrostatic driven without the use of any electronic components.
  • Self cleaning effect.
  • Resistance against water, oil, fats, chemical agents, etc.

Technical Specifications
Model 6000
Sweeping path min. mm 1300
Sweeping path with side brushes mm 2600
Sweeping path max mm 3500
Cleaning performance sqm/h 105000
Waste hopper capacity Lt. 6200
Filtering PM10 % 99
Fuel Diesel