IMANDAR provides the product service and support that enables customers to receive the utility and value they expect when choosing IMANDAR as their industrial products supplier and service provider.

Benefits of an efficient air blaster to ensure:

  • Complete safety for the operators, thus avoiding harsh rodding or other manual cleaning methods.
  • Clients have worry free on their air blaster as they know that it is well taken care of.
  • Maintenance done by professional with OEM spares without damaging further the air blasters and system.
  • A cost effective solution to all customers that prevents hopper, bin, and silo discharge interruption, as well as process disruption.

Our service maintenance team are committed to meeting the six service performance standards:

  • To do routine monthly checks on all the air blasters available at client site and provide report on the condition of the air blasters with recommendation based on the inspection and checks.
  • To repair the air blasters that requires servicing.
  • To get the product to perform to specifications.
  • To overcome a customer’s inability to do the work himself due to the numbers of air blasters in the plant and location of the air blasters in the plant.
  • To teach our customers how to most practically and effectively use their air blasters to achieve lower maintenance costs, increased productivity, and a safer, cleaner work environment.
  • To extend the output life of the clients’ air blasters.

IMANDAR provides:

  1. Service contract of complete package. We at IMANDAR tailor make our service contract in order to suit our client requirement.
  2. Repair and service on site within promised time.
  3. Genuine OEM spares parts. Spare parts packages with reasonable cost, to avoid unexpected breakdowns resulting to time loss.