Silo Cleaning Services (SCS) by an experienced team of Silo Cleaning professionals. Imandar is a company that is dedicated to provide the highest quality of services. Our operations staffs review all projects before they commence to ensure the most effective and efficient cleaning method is employed to have silos back in operation in the fastest possible time.

Imandar employs process and services have proven to be fast, effective and safe for cleaning out silos of all shapes and sizes in a variety of the different industries. Even when faced for the first time with a new industry, or new type of stored material, the process Imandar uses continues to prove its advantages.

Method That IMANDAR Use:

  1. Whipping method

    The Silo Whipper offers a safe and fast solution for maintaining clean operating conditions in silos, bins and hoppers. This system eliminates the need to enter potentially dangerous or confined spaces for bulk storage, thus eliminating accidents. Whipping System is a mechanical cleaning system powered by hydraulics. The Silo Whipper can be manoeuvred to reach and clean head by simple controls. The whipping head is lowered inside the silo, but operated remotely from the silo top. The Silo Whipper efficiently clears build-up using a hydraulic whip or air whip. It is effective to remove unwanted build ups.


    Based on liquid CO2 system, Cardox system is used for clearing build up and blockages. The Cardox system is designed to break or aerate materials by discharging carbon dioxide at high pressure into the material. In order to operate the system in any material, a range of tubes are available, in turn, these have a range of discharge pressures. The combinations of various tubes, discharge pressures and chemical energisers (heaters) allow different discharge characteristics. This gives flexibility to the user and a particular installation is not confined to a particular application.

    Cardox is used on preheaters, cyclones, feed pipes, cooler area, rotary kiln, raw meal mill, silos, hopper and bins. The same Cardox tube can be used in all the above-mentioned areas for clearing build-ups. Cardox operates without having to stop the kiln.

  1. Rope Access

    Silo maintenance provides many challenges for crews due to confined spaces, difficult access, and sheer structure height. The need for advanced techniques and innovative methods for silo maintenance, inspections, cleaning, painting, and repair has led to rope access solutions for these challenging jobs. Our industrial maintenance experts are here to discuss the benefits of using rope access for silo maintenance and cleaning projects. From internal safety standards to accredited working practices, facility owners can quickly see why utilizing a rope access crew for silo services is the way to go.

    Keeping silos in peak condition is critically important. Whether your silos hold materials from milling, feed, or polymer components, a silo that is neglected can experience fungal growth, insect infestation, water damage and blockages.

    We also provide cleaning services for square and round silos, bins, hoppers, ­filters, tanks and ancillary equipment, to remove residues such as cement, clinker, gypsum, animal feed products, flour, sugar, salt, grain, fat, oils & any other raw materials.

    Our teams of fully qualified rope access technicians carry out this service.

    The following provides a brief overview of the various industries that have effectively utilized the Silo Cleaning Services (SCS) process and services to quickly and safely clean out their blocked silos and bins:


Silo Cleaning Services (SCS) has cleaned out mining industry silos containing a wide variety of different materials, such as metal ores, including gold, nickel and copper, and various other products, including coal, potash, salt and others. The cleaned silos were used in various stages of the mining process – before processing, material extracted from smelters before shipping, and tailing material stored for disposal or recycling.


Silo Cleaning Services (SCS) has cleaned out cement industry silos and bins used to store raw materials before processing, such as clinker, gypsum and coal, as well as finished products stored for bulk removal by trucks and railcars.


Silo Cleaning Services (SCS) has cleaned out silos used in the food industry to store flour, sugar, salt, and various types of seeds.

Feed Mill

Silo Cleaning Services (SCS) has cleaned out feed mill industry silos containing many different types of products used to create the animal feed compounds of various animals,chickens, cattle, and house pets.


Silo Cleaning Services (SCS) has cleaned out silos used in the plastics industry. The stored material is generally plastic powder or pellets used in the making of car parts and other plastic products.