TOYO offer a variety of liners and diaphragms with choosing suitable design and kinds of alloys, depending on customer’s requests and mill working conditions.


Technical Specifications
Type Name Basis Surface Hardness Tensile strength Charpy impact
N/mm²=Mpa J/cm²
SCMnH11 Mn-Cr ≧740
SCMnH21 Mn-Cr ≧740
High-Mn TZM1 Mn ≧635
TZM2 Mn-Cr ≧735
TXM2 Mn-Cr-Mo ≧600
TXM1 Mn-Cr ≧590
TZL1 Cr ≧48(HRc) ≧49(N)
TZL2 Cr-Mo ≧50(HRc) ≧49(N)
Low Alloy TXL1 Cr-Mo ≧46(HRc) ≧1200 ≧15(U)
TXL2 Cr-Mo-Ni ≧45(HRc) ≧980 ≧10(N)
TZL2 Cr-Mo-Ni ≧50(HRc) ≧15(N)
TZL3 Cr-Mo ≧52(HRc) ≧15(N)
TXS1 Cr-Mo-Ni ≧48(HRc) ≧790 ≧5(N)
TXS2 Cr-Mo-Ni ≧52(HRc) ≧690 ≧3(N)
TXS3 Cr-Mo ≧52(HRc) ≧780 ≧3(N)
High-Cr TZS1 Cr-Ni ≧50(HRc) ≧780 ≧3(N)
TXC2 Cr ≧56(HRc) ≧480 ≧3(N)
TXC3 Cr-Ni ≧56(HRc) ≧480 ≧3(N)
TZC1 Cr-Mo-Ni ≧55(HRc) ≧680 ≧3(N)